Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The NewsMarket Launches MarketPlace

The NewsMarket introduces today a new online exchange for acquiring all forms of copyrighted editorial video, from the latest headline stories to archival clips, celebrity snippets, and hard-to-locate material.

The site is MarketPlace, and it's aimed at developing more direct commerce between news organizations and creative agencies and marketing professionals hungry for original video content.

The service connects buyers and sellers of news feeds and other licensed video content that might not otherwise be available or easily searchable. We hope it establishes a new model for accessing broadcast-quality, non-commercial video.

Among the content providers taking first advantage of the new venue are the BBC Motion Gallery, Agence France Press, the U.K.’s Independent Television Network, and Hong Kong-based Asia Pacific Vision. Other providers include Small Business TV, Akamedia, education video provider Fullturn Media, and Ford Models.

Besides brokering individual video transactions, The NewsMarket is helping clients pick which video offerings might be worth displaying for potential buyers. It's upside for both news organizations and production companies. Both get a vehicle to monetize their vast video holdings, and creative and marketing clients can access editorial and historic video content for their own productions.

"By providing a viable commercial exchange for our news outlets and media partners to reach new users, MarketPlace completes the circle of our business model and demonstrates the tremendous dynamism that has developed between buyers and sellers of original video assets," said Shoba Purushothaman, CEO and co-founder of The NewsMarket.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

BrandTV Launches; turns a marketer’s site into branded media channel

Marketers seeking to participate in the online video revolution while maintaining brand control and integrity now have their chance with The NewsMarket's new BrandTV embeddable video player. BrandTV provides companies and organizations with unlimited streaming capabilities and other features, transforming their web sites into robust media channels. Read the full release here.

BrandTV is the logical next step for companies and marketers that in recent years have become huge generators of video content for everything from product launches to consumer education, issue or crisis management. Volvo Cars is the first of several well-known marketers to take advantage of BrandTV to centralize all its video content and extend its delivery virally to car buyers and other interested viewers around the world. Volvo is offering clips of its car models in action, along with stories highlighting company news, upcoming events, even the results of the latest test crash results.

"BrandTV adds an important dimension to our clients' media strategies by allowing them to also direct their audiences to branded video content that can easily be shared," said The NewsMarket's CEO Shoba Purushothaman. "Our new product lets marketers - it's the ultimate tool for maximizing video messaging to all parties."

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Volvo Ocean Race footage on The NewsMarket

Good news from England today, as Volvo Ocean Race announces it's working with The NewsMarket to bring video content of its 2008-2009 race series to the world's media.

As the race moves into China and India for the first time, it's a perfect match-up with The NewsMarket, as video and image content from the race series will be available on our just-announced India portal and a forthcoming Mandarin-language portal.

Volvo Ocean Race Communications Director Reg Gratton said that working with The NewsMarket for the 2008-2009 race will allow the Volvo Ocean Race to make much greater use of its video content and photographs. "We are particularly excited by The NewsMarket’s global breadth, its fast turnaround, multi-format delivery and its 24-hour operations which are linked to an email alert service," he said.

Read the full press release here.